By 2017, video will account for more than 69% of consumer internet trafficCISCO

… and here we are. Our innovative Marketing Agency is here to help your business promotion to do not miss this opportunity. The sooner you get into video SEO marketing the easier and cheaper be to get good results. Even if you think you have everything in place our youtube promotional videos support all your marketing efforts as a complementary service. Optimised YouTube videos often rank very high in Google search and are displayed on all main search engines covering 99.9% of the internet searches. The more good content about your business the merrier:-)

What we do?

  • We are promoting businesses/products by preparing short YouTube videos and publish it on our network – YouTube, mobile optimised Websites/Blogs, Facebook and Google+
  • videos are optimised to the highest YouTube standard
  • our purpose is to make your business more visible for important keywords by video SEO marketing.

What are the benefits for Your business?

You can get a lot of potential customers
Business/product video is modern online marketing promotion you shouldn’t ignore. We promote videos by keyword optimised videos so your customers can find you before they find competition!
Our videos are 'looking for' customers 24h 365 days
Videos are uploaded in multiple YouTube channels and embedded in mobile friendly blogs to help them rank higher on YouTube and be indexed on the whole internet
It's probably the most cost effective marketing
Our YouTube videos may return the money you spend very quickly and the benefits are limitless over the lifetime (yes, no subscriptions only one payment for life. It’s much more cost effective than Pay Per Click or other advertisement/marketing efforts. You pay once and the videos are still there referring constant stream of potential customers for a life.
Value added in promotional video is crucial to your success
  1. We prepare short promotional video about company/product.
  2. We optimise the following for Video Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):
    • description
    • titles
    • tags
    • category
    • InVideo programming
    • other important YouTube factors
  3. Next we give it a bit of a ’boost’ by:
    • adding few YouTube likes
    • link from another YouTube Video from our network
    • few comments
    • publicise elsewhere (please see next point)
  4. We publicise this video further:
    • adding it to few blogs. Each blog add some extra text to the title and description so it’s more unique. Each one of our blogs (up to 50) is hosted on different server on unique IP number so video is embedded on different IPs.
    • each blog has its Google+ site and Facebook Fan page. All videos are publicised there as well.
    • all our blogs are ‘state of the art’ mobile websites and can be bookmarked as application on mobile device
    • we mention few times on that page that our service is ‘one fee only for a lifetime’. We pay for blog hosting and keeping our channels updated, optimised and promote it further.
  5. If you wish we can add a link to Your official video. It should increase its ranking in search engines.
  6. Now wait and this video will keep informing and directing customers to Your business for a lifetime.
  7. And the best is … 1 video costs only £10!!!* (Minimum order of 5 videos required as per our ‘Affordable Package’ below)

What is the price?

5 videos
1 YouTube channel
2 blogs
Additional Video - £10
Extra Blog for all videos - £10
10 videos
2 YouTube channels
5 blogs
Additional Video - £10
Extra Blog for all videos - £10
20 videos
5 YouTube channels
10 blogs
Additional Video - £10
Extra Blog for all videos - £10
(up to 50 blogs with different IP number)
For all packages just one off payment, no subscriptions, lifetime benefits!!!
We try to make our prices affordable to every business. We have resources, knowledge and experience to do it.  Please give us a try now before  Your competition find us!:-)
Please note

Our service can be addition and support to every marketing campaign. The more good content about Your business the merrier!

If you still not convinced to click buy now please answer 2 questions:
1. How many customers have to find your business through these videos to cover their cost. Or in more professional term where is ‘break even point’:-) We are convinced you get all your money back very soon and lifetime benefits. 2. Would you like your competitors to find us and use our services before you do?

What next after you buy choosen service:

When we receive a payment we redirect you to download the ‘order questionnaire’ where we ask some questions about your business’ so we can prepare and optimise YouTube videos to the highest possible standard.


If you have any questions please use the contact form on the top right or drop us an ‘old school’ email on:

[email protected]